Thursday, November 5, 2015


Excited to share the title of my upcoming poetry, prose & photography book with you!  'APRICITY' © (the warmth of the sun in Winter) Apricity is a princess of a word, literally meaning Aprilness and implying a yearning for April. The warmth of the winter sun reminds us of the early days of Spring. More details coming soon!
*On a side note:
All of my photographs are available for purchase upon request. Please message me on FB @akcorbettauthor.

I haven't been blogging much lately as I'm working on upcoming book projects, so please be patient with me. I've been writing a novel titled 'See Me'©. The story I am creating will be about life, intuitions, love, determination, mystery & hope.
A memoir if you will.  

I am also currently working with my illustrators on two new children's books titled, "April Mae Meets the Moon" ©, and 'BIG Sis lil sis Better Together' ©; while 'The Adventures of Chopper & T and ME' © is also in line for illustration and editing.

I am slowly putting together a poetry book for the kiddos titled 'April Mae Create'©. This book of short stories and poems will be told by a whimsical little girl named April Mae who must create, create, create! 'Breakfast at Nanas' is a poem dear to my heart and will be made into a book within itself.

All updates on these books can be found here on my website.

- "It's My Life &  I'll Smile If I Want To: a journey towards inspiration"
- "The Adventures of Chopper & T"
are both available now online at Amazon,  & Barnes and Noble. 

Be sure to get a copy for yourself,  a family member or friend! ♡

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A glimpse into our story

The Boat Life

As I sit at my 'kitchen' table this morning on my boat, aka home sweet home, it is truly a surreal feeling. We moved onto the boat at the end of July & are finally settled in. Rain welcomed us, continuing for some time, even weeks later. Soon the sun showed up to say hello & finding our groove wasn't too difficult. It was comforting to meet so many others who live aboard as well. I have to say, organization is a must with minimal space and trust me, I have utilized most of it. All the necessities &most of the comforts of home can be found aboard Summer Reign. Since we both are still working the morning routine can be a bit difficult due to space. You learn to make adjustments & it somehow works. Things that are different include being hooked up to shore power, filling a tank for water usage, using a gas stove, downsizing to a  coffee press, a small fridge & a tiny sink, no closet space, having a composting toilet, the bathroom being your shower area & lets not forget remembering to duck your head in certain places. I'm learning to be a morning person and the sunrise view from my window is enticing. When I step off my 'porch', walk down a dock with rows of sailboats on either side  I am usually thinking, how cool is this?  The sunsets that glow, then find themselves lost in the city skyline are simply amazing. At night we sit outside on the bow to take in the evening's intriguing presence. The water ripples as the moon smiles down and I know this is where we were meant to be. Home sweet home.                                                             Be sure to follow for more stories about the boat life with Captn Paul, First Mate April, sweet T the swab/2nd mate & Rocky the pirate dog! Our future plan is to reture early, not have a home base marina & just sail away, visit new places, and stay where we want for however long we want. I'll be sure to share our adventures with you!                                                photos by April K Corbett

Sunday, August 16, 2015

.... the adventure continues

July 20th 2015

Thankfully the service guy was able to sneak us in between other jobs and it was a quick fix. Somewhere along the line we were sold bad fuel. Summer Reign is back on the water! Fort Meyers bound. I cried as we unhooked shore power, bye bye a/c, but there's an awesome breeze though.

Made it to Sanibel Marina just before sunset.

July 21st 2015

I've seen more sunrises on this trip then I've seen in my entire life. I do believe I'm becoming a morning person. Got fuel for the boat and fuel for us- coffee! 7am was go time!

Wish we had more time to explore. Loved he lighthouse in Sanibel and I vow to return soon.

With the open water and the sun rising before us we set off once again.

8 hours in and I'm now ready to get off this boat. Thoughts of land danced in my head. Captain Paul was ready to continue on but after another 3 hours we were looking up the next marina. There was no way I wanted to anchor out as the waters were increasingly becoming angrier, and so was I.
We weren't making it home today. Sarasota was close and that's where we landed- I landed myself a broken finger. Entering the marina after hours there was no assistance, which was the case prior but with no incident. I didn't leave enough rope or space between the cleat and caught a few fingers in between, breaking one. At this point the sun has set, we were hungry, thirty, hot and tired. There was a restaurant there so we found a spot by the water and celebrated our victory thus far,  while icing my finger.

July 22nd 2015

Today we headed into the intercoastal for a smoother sail. Fine by me! Along the way we had encountered a few fixed bridges which raised my anxiety level. Now I'm not afraid to drive over them but going under is another story. It says so many feet and you know your mast is shorter but it looks deceiving. The draw bridges were fine, and I became familiar with talking on the radio to the bridge masters, learning the channels to use etc. Our stop for fuel at Bradenton Marina was interesting since our drive leg wasn't functioning properly making reverse null to void. So stressful.
Eventually we made it into Tampa Bay with the Skyway Bridge in our sights. This afternoon we arrived at St Petersburg with relief written all over our faces and smiles in our hearts. We made it!  Teamwork teamwork teamwork!

Overall our boating adventure was a huge success! So many enjoyable moments and memories made. I think I may have to write a book to share the many details still to tell. Summer Reign was a gem of a find. Moving aboard July 26th which opens up a whole new chapter in our life.

Be sure to follow along for more stories of the boat life!

The Adventures of Summer Reign

July 14th 2015

So as of this date we are officially boat owners!
Overwhelmed and excited all at once. The adventure begins!

July 16th & 17th 2015

After signing paperwork, having the boat detailed and checking out of our room in Key Largo we boarded Summer Reign for our adventure home. As we loaded up the boat up with essentials it honestly felt surreal. We we're finally heading out. First stop- Marathon. Or so we thought.
Celebrating with a champagne toast as we sail towards our dreams.
Before long night was upon us as we ate dinner by Coleman light.
I took over the helm for a while to give hubs a break, convincing him I was a fabulous first mate while convincing myself that I could indeed do this as a feeling of accomplishment washed over me.
Entering the marina in the middle of the night was challenging. I stood on the bow helping guide our way as Captain Paul maneuvered us in like a boss. We tied up at the gas dock until we could move into a slip a few hours later at the first sign of dawn.

The two of us make an amazing team, but we'll never boat after dark in unknown territory again. Timing was a bit of an issue since we left later than expected.  Needless to say we got about two hours sleep and needed some R&R. I was ready to take advantage of the amenities that Marathon Marina had to offer before heading back out at the crack of dawn.

July 18th 2015

Hello sunrise, of many I would see in the days ahead. An entire day on the water was upon us. I prepared a breakfast of fruit, muffins and OJ, read almost the entire book titled Blue Mind, helped Paul at the helm, sat out on the deck and even took a nap. No cares in the world. Dolphins, manatees, birds and skipping fish welcomed us into the Florida Bay. The water was smooth as glass.

Realizing Marco Island was o attainable by sunset the decision was made to moor out for the night. Hatches were opened, fans were turned on and we prayed for a cool evening since without shore power or a generator there is no a/c. We anchored out just before taking in an incredible sunset while sharing cocktails and conversation. The stars appeared painted across the sky and while the moon disappeared it was time to catch some Zzzzzz's.

July 19th 2015

Unfortunately the calm waters turned choppy into the night and I did not sleep well. As that queasy feeling took over it lasted into today which mean I was lying down most of the day wishing for the rocking of the boat too stop. Rain was cooling things off but also causing rough seas. I started feeling better later on, just in time for the engine to act up. We weren't making good time and it was obvious it was going to take longer than expected to get home. There wasn't much wind but we hoisted a sail anyways. Bad fuel was the likely culprit as the engine quit. So close to Rose Marina, yet so far away.  Tow Boat USA to the rescue! Sundays the marina repair shop is closed, so we hunkered down for the night. It was an exhausting day and I thought about those ruby red slippers more than once. The staff at Rose Marina were genuinely kind and I was able to get necessities at their ship shop, shower and order food from a local delivery place. Chatting with a few employees it was evident that this was where we were meant to be.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Reign

We'll be there soon Summer Reign! It's a miracle hubby & I haven't strangled one another through out this boat purchasing process. I believe God has been testing and teaching us patience. I've learned I'm not as patient as I thought. Monday we close! 7/13/15 will be our closing date and you know what? It's perfect! To some the #13 is unlucky but quite the opposite for me. Lucky 13! A favorite of mine. Luck and superstitions are not my thing, so even though we had to wait a few extra days there's a reason for that. First we expected it to be last week, then the 10th and sadly we were told the 14th.. the 13th won. With the sellers in Canada, the broker in Maryland and the boat in Florida it hasn't been smooth sailing as of yet. A name change is imminent. Don't you just love Summer Reign?

This weekend we pack up so Monday we can head out to meet her, make her ours and sail her home! Our journey continues on into a new adventure as we experience a different lifestyle altogether. Living on a sailboat is new to us and I'm sure there will be some adjustments to be made; especially with a teenager visiting and a puppy dog on board. Even so, the positives outweighs any of the worries we might have. After all Cesar Milan is only an email away and I'm not afraid to use him. Ha! Moments are to be cherished so that's what we intend to do. Simply breathe in breathe out while letting go, in turn cherishing every moment. As a child I do recall being fearful of the water,(not sure why) ironically only pools, of which I did get over; but the ocean was a different story. The beach always beckoned as the sound of the waves put me at ease. I cannot wait to morph into the mermaid I was born to be, telling stories of Summer Reign along the way.  April k Corbett photo by AKC

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Travelling Voyage- Moving Forward

As we move forward on this journey the surveyor found a few items in need of repair. We were also aware this boat is in need of some TLC but overall was a keeper.  The counter offer was made, came back and finally we were all in agreement. We are extremely satisfied with the final outcome. The wheels are in motion as the sellers prep and complete their end of the deal and we shuffle more paperwork for documentation, marina location, scheduling time off and purchasing necessary items required for the sail home. All I can say at this point is, wow! We are excited, and stressed. Nothing about the process has been easy. Sometimes things don't work out exactly the way you had planned; they work out better.  Prayers have been answered and we are moving forward with our plans. The closing date is still unknown, but near. What I do know is that the day we sail her home everything we've been through will have been well worth it!  (photo by AKC)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Learning As I GrOw- A Father's Love

As a little girl I was definitely a daddy's girl. He couldn't stand to hear me cry as a baby so he'd rock me to sleep more often than not. He was there for me in the middle of the night when I had nightmares and the one who would actually get in the kiddie pool with me. To a child these things are of high importance. We'd plant flowers, go blueberry picking, build snowmen, go sledding, and so much more. As I grew, I saw the hard working, God fearing family man that he was; and still is. The most important thing he ever taught me was that Jesus loves me, He lives in my heart and to always trust in Him. As I became a teen it wasn't so cool to hug your dad, get & give kisses or hang out together. After my parents divorce we moved out of state which placed a strain on our relationship, not because of anything anyone did, it's something that just happens. A few weeks in the Summer became our new normal. As a woman I now can appreciate the ups & downs of life. You see things so differently as a child. The love I have for my dad remains true, even when we don't see eye to eye. Not once has he missed a birthday or Christmas and although it is difficult for him to express in person, the cards he sends really do say it all. My dad will always be my hero. You see, his love for our heavenly Father was the greatest lesson I ever learned from him. We continue to make memories, reminiscent of the old. I am grateful to still have him in my life. Whether you had a father figure in your life or not, regardless of the type of relationship it was or is please know that God is there, taking their place, loving and leading. Thank you dad for introducing me to your Father above, who in turn is mine and who can be yours.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Travelling Voyage- the offer was...

ACCEPTED! Even though there was a counteroffer the sellers response offered us a huge sigh of relief.  Next,  we scheduled the survey and once we verify the results of the boat are legit it should be smooth sailing from there. Ah, I must keep a sense of humor through out this process. Our journey has only begun. Most of the people we've dealt with have been nothing but helpful and kind. I won't mention right now who the difficult ones have been but I will say its disappointing to say the least. They have one chance to redeem themselves and then I will share their name & the company they're employed with. But enough about their rudeness, I refuse to allow one individual with a personality flaw to steal my joy. Let's just say as a writer they could be added into my next novel only to find themselves removed rather quickly. ha! Next week the survey will be complete and paperwork will be shuffled around. Before you know it we'll be sitting on our boat, in our new home making a toast as she sails us into the sunset. It is finally happening! Hubby still won't celebrate until all is finalized. Here I sit, sipping my vino doing the happy dance inside my head as all those feelings are voicing their opinions, concerns and excitement - sort of like the new movie Inside Out. I remind myself this is not a movie, this is reality; our reality. We didn't only follow our dreams, we chased them, and little by little those dreams are being captured. One of these days when I'm writing my next book, the next New York Times best seller, I will reach out and yell GOTCHA! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Travelling Voyage- Great Expectations' of our own

Pulling up to the no name marina after a five hour drive we weren't sure what to expect. The plan was to meet a guy who helps the out of state broker show their listings in the Keys. He met us at the gate and from phone conversations he fit the description in my mind- no fuss, laid back, and friendly. He directed me to the restroom on site and as I walked towards them I was a bit surprised to see a small horse slowly approach from the corners bend. When I came out he was situated directly in front of the exit. I slid out the door,  said a quick hello and joined the guys on the dock. Our chariot in waiting was a small boat with only a ledge to sit on. Hoping it wouldn't rain again, the sun peeked out at us and we were off. Zooming across the waters with the salty spray of the sea and wind my hair I was taking the moment in with pure enjoyment. Once we reached the bridge we could see what quite possibly could become our future home, the catamaran in question.  He tied up along side and we climbed aboard. A wave of emotions splashed over me, and as I later learned my husband as well;  disappointment and excitement. It was definitely in need of some long overdue TLC. Realizing as we looked her over this would not be a problem, as long as they were willing to accept a lower bid. Before we were done raindrops beckoned us to leave. It didn't matter. At that moment it just meant we were closer to making our dream a reality. As the rain picked up it was time to head back and so we sped across the waters with the rain pelting at us. I was grateful the boat guy had loaned me his jacket. Thoughts of the future danced across my mind. The boat life seems right, and wasn't the rain a sign of good luck? Although I don't believe in luck I do believe in blessings. What's meant to be will be; and there was a peace that came over me as we watched the lightning in the distance. Soon we were back on land, off to the hotel to clean up for dinner and have the discussion on whether or not to make an offer. They say sleep on it, pray about it, weigh the pros & cons... check, check & check. Today we put in an offer! Now we wait. Well, that's nothing new. Good things come to those who wait, right?
photo credit April K Corbett

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Travelling Voyage: A Glimpse

Back to the Keys we will go! Why you ask? Well, it just so happens we will be looking at another boat! Yes! I believe it is 'the' one. There's a feeling of tranquility as I look out on the horizon catching a glimpse of what is to come. The anticipation has taken my fingernails and all I seem to do is daydream. Every emotion we've gone through has been worth it- otherwise it would not be called an adventure. To us it will be epic, glorious if you will, the day we board our vessel to sail it home. As we inch closer I am still wittling down our belongings and am in awe at how little we have left. Let me just tell you how freeing this feels! Hubby is teaching me the ropes of sailing - verbage, equipment,  techniques etc. Hopefully I'll make a fabulous 1st mate, and I have the utmost confidence in hubs that he will be the best captain the seas have ever met.                      photo credit: April K Corbett taken from Fish Tales in St Petersburg FL

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Learning As I GrOw- caregiving sometimes means letting go

I still remember the older gentlemans face as he helped us choose a new dryer. We had my daughter Tiana Hope with us and she was about 6 at the time. I was distracted, as going to the store with a special needs child is never an easy task. I explained a bit about her and he proceeded to tell me that he understood. He too had a daughter born with special needs, with more physical challenges  and that now she lives miles away in a group home. He explained that it was the closest available for her needs. I felt bad, even though I was at a different point of our caregiving journey, but I told him how sorry I was. Continuing on I showed empathy saying how hard that must be; then I blurted out how I would never place my daughter in a home, how she'll live with me always. He replied how difficult it had become for he and his wife, especially his wife, due to the care she required.  I saw tears well up in his eyes and he quickly left. Before long another salesperson came over.  A feeling of dread washed over me and I wanted to find him, apologize. My intent was not cruel and I'm sure his heart was heavy. At that time I was just at a different place on our special needs journey. Now, I am where he stood. There's so much stigma out there about placement. Too much actually. So much that it took me over a year to talk about my daughters move into a group home at age 18- now almost 2 years later. Until you get there you really and truly do not know. We've had our ups and downs, just as every other SN family has but the most important thing to acknowledge is that each one of our journeys are different. Relatable, but different. My daughter is my only child, my life, my heart, my sunshine, my angel in disguise. I have fought for her since day one and I've got the 'scars' to prove it. That fight will continue on for as long as she needs me. I will always be her advocate, teacher, nurse, lawyer, etc and of course her mom. Placement does not mean I love her any less. We don't always like choices and sometimes there really isn't an option. T is happy, smart, giggles and love. Unfortunately, there's behavior issues along with her diagnosis of Pachygyria, which we did not get initially, only told brain disorder, macrocephaly and seizures. We later learned she had developmental delays, speech delay, autism, pdd,& sensory issues. Back then I didn't have the type of internet and groups available today. I made sure she had what the drs advised  including  medications, therapies, a special school,& additional care. I made her her very  own magnetic picture cards for the refrigerator, picture books, held my own therapy sessions and prayed like I've never prayed before. As hormones changed so did her moods, which turned to aggression. The outbursts were intimidating as her strength seemed to double and I was the target. Locking myself in the bathroom literally happened at times until she calmed down, not to mention attacks while driving.  Meds have helped and T recognizes her behavior  but only after the fact. Sorrys and kisses abound as T is usually so sweet. The day her psych dr had her baker acted after an outburst in his office just about pushed me over the edge.  My heart was broken into a million tiny pieces. I have not even touched the surface of  what we've been through. People have said all kids at 18 are leaving home, and I understand that, I appreciate that, however when your child will mentally be a child forever and their milestones are totally different that's what's gut wrenching. Letting go is not taken lightly and it is still hard to accept. I am very involved, and she comes home often. A multitude of research with a team of specialists helping me along made it possible. No, it's not an institution. T lives in a regular house with 5 other girls her age, shares a room, goes on outings, even has a pool and she's much more independent. We are both trying to embrace our independence. She's growing up, she's happy, and she's going to be just fine.i suppose I will be eventually. Day by day I learn to let go a tiny bit more. With tears of both sadness and joy in my eyes I will never ever totally let go.  Now I stand where he stood. Now I understand. I hope you will too.     *photo of Tiana Hope taken by April K Corbett.          *this post was featured on The Mighty FB&website July 2015 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Learning As I GrOw- comfort zone

Year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute... we are in our comfortable space- our comfort zones. I hear myself saying I need to do this, that, or the other and once I do changes will occur.  My mind wanders away from the zone for a while, unaware how it always seems to return. The reflection I see is unnerving. Unless I literally move out of this space there will be no change, no growth. It might take a minute, or quite possibly a year; but in order to see change you must feel it. Leaving the comfort zone is scary! No matter what changes you are invoking  you must let go of that invisible security blanket you cling so tightly too. Baby steps are fine, but you must let go, take that step of faith and believe in yourself. Each time you look back you will be farther away. Just when you think you cannot leave you will have found that you already left, because instead of seeing your comfort zone, you will see change taking place~ april XO

Sunday, May 24, 2015

April Mae Create- sharing my imagination

Writing is my passion and I enjoy photography,  however my love of painting began when I started to paint with my daughter. She was born with a rare brain disorder and we paint together for fun and for therapy. I paint alone as well and have commissioned a few projects along the way. All paintings are done in acrylic and is expressive art. If interested in purchase of an original or print copy message me! Hope it inspires you to find some time to create! ~ Artwork by April K Corbett

Travelling Voyage: the search continues

It was an exciting trip to the Keys as my husband and I anticipated finding our future home- a sailboat. We didn't however anticipate it not being the one for us. This journey has had its highs and lows. I think we're both a bit discouraged by what's available, cost, loan dealings etc; but we know it will happen. What we want and what God has for us can be two entirely different things. He knows our hearts desire and is working in His realm to help us accomplish our goal in our realm. We found another boat and are pending a call back from the dealer.  I can already feel the wind rushing through my hair as I picture myself sailing away to some exotic island while sippin on some sunshine. Like the tshirt we saw says ' sell your stuff, keep the dog and live on a boat' ... that's the plan!  photo credit April K Corbett in Key Largo *Photo contest winner at Share A Little Sunshine on FB. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Learning As I GrOw: life is messy and that's ok

Sometimes we see people's FB posts and things seem to be so perfect- I rarely post the messy parts- who does. I will say today was perfect, in the sense that being with my family is special to me, however far from perfect in the way others may view it or in how I feel mentally or physically at the end of it; I'm exhausted. This is the norm as a special needs parent, or any parent really, just a bit more exhausting. My daughter  T who is happy, loving, determined, bright, funny, outgoing etc also has to deal with a rare brain disorder which pretty much changes everything. So, here's a small view into our day: T was up at 4:30, so were we since she was asking for cereal & Barney and even though she had both she was repeating it over & over. Later that morning we go to brunch where she's somewhat loud & repetitive, but doing well. She asks for chocolate milk, of course wanting more but they were out- possible meltdown- thankfully she chose apple juice. Trust me when I say it's not fun to see an 18 y/o melting down. We then go home to bathe our pup Rocky so we can all go out into the community on an outing. In the process of attempting this Rocky is soaking wet covered in soap, T is crying because we asked her to move out of the way. The dog gets loose, takes off up the stairs with T close behind letting him into the house where he's running all over the place. So, we finally get to our outing, everything seems fine when BAM.. meltdown mode- T's mood is brewing- must leave at that moment. We do. This is common. There are good days and bad days. Pachygyria does not allow life to go as planned. Through it all I cherish the moments in between the messiness. To me it will always be perfect~

Re Post from a previous FB blog

Monday, May 18, 2015

Learning As I GrOw: sharing my heart

I recently took a few days off and flew to my home town to visit my ailing grandfather and also lend support to my grandmother. They are both in their 90's. In all actuality it could be the last time I see them and as sad as that is I know they've both lived a long, full and happy life. They are the epitome of positivity, strength and love. I went by myself, which allowed me the leisure to visit with them, love on them and also to reflect on my own life. I have their traits. When I look back on all I've been through I don't feel strong, I just was and continue to be. My grandparents taught me that being positive is key, In a world that seems to perpetuate negativity I am blessed to have experienced just the opposite. That's not to say I haven't had my share of turmoil at one point or another, but it certainly helped shape the person I am today. My family and I recently took a long overdue weekend retreat to the Keys where we took time for one another. I don't think couples do as much together as they used to; with all of the technology today it can be easy to take each other for granted. You never know when you will share a last moment together. Don't let the last memory be sitting at a table on your smart phone or working so late you can't say goodnight. Say I love you more, hold hands, take a day off together and share moments that will strengthen your bond. While in the Keys I kept seeing red hearts at businesses everywhere. I found out that an artist makes them to share with the community. The meaning: whatever you want it to be. In my mind an angel sharing love- isn't that what we all should be doing? Whether family, friend or foe life is too short for negative attitudes, busy schedules and insensitivity. We have the opportunity on a daily basis to share our hearts; I know I would much rather be remembered for that.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gypsy Voyage

... and the journey continues:

Our direction is clear, the packing continues and this house will no longer be our home. Our adventure begins as we move next week to a temporary dwelling, in the interim of finding our next home- on the water! As the time winds down I feel a refreshing tone capturing the next chapter of our life.


Our story for the moment is all about looking and saving, saving and looking. A catamaran is on the horizon. For now we go about our daily routine while living in a furnished, month  to month rental. Some days we feel as if we're on vacation with its quaint appeal and lovely local fare. There is no rush, only our childlike impatience brewing along with dreams of adventure. So, we continue dreaming until one day our ship comes in.

APRIL 2015

At this point we can hardly contain ourselves. Daily anxiety of the unknown compounded with excitement is making me a bit insane. Going through a few more boxes, finding that we could probably fit all we have left in both vehicles and drive away into the night. ha! Loving this gypsy voyage with all of its extemporaneous quirks.

Wander the world; it's your journey~
Travelling Voyage

Monday, April 27, 2015

Travelling Voyage: Adventure Awaits

Let me  catch you up on what's happening:

Flash back to April 2014

The journey begins!
It's all too real now as we sell off our personal belongings and continue the search for the perfect catamaran- to live on! Excitement and fear have become a commonplace battle in my mind. My heart knows the time has come, as it desires freedom, simplicity and adventure. Passion for writing drives me towards this goal; for hubby it has been a lifelong dream. Maybe the hardships I endured earlier in life cause me to cherish the little things, and for that I am grateful. We are embarking on a brave but crazy voyage.

Early May 2014

While searching for our future home, a sailboat, we continue to go through our stuff- lots of stuff! You just don't realize how useless it all really is, until you change your mindset. I never was a nick nack person and I despise clutter but it seemed unimaginable to me to have to let go of most of our things. Then the idea struck me as perfect. My mindset changed and the adventure of living on a boat seemed much more exciting than holding onto stuff. So these days we're organizing, packing, and downsizing. The simple life is calling!

May 2014

My house looks empty. I like it. Glancing around I realize there's not much I miss. If there's anything I should feel at this moment it's calm- instead anxiety lurks nearby. So close, yet so far away. Our goal is within our grasp and we're reaching towards this dream. I am learning as I reach, in turn I must also let go. Letting go of not only material possessions but letting go of fears that can only hold me back from the person I'm meant to be. Amidst the excitement, the chaos, the unknown; that feeling of calm is just around the corner- so we press on.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Journey Begins

Welcome sweet friends! So, I have finally stopped procrastinating and am feeling less overwhelmed. A quick overview and introduction is necessary. I am a wife, special needs momma and a writer. I work full time, my family comes first, and my writing somehow finds its way in-between. My husband and I have been gearing up for simplicity and adventure- the boat life. When I say the boat life I mean actually living on a sailboat. This has been a long time coming and we are within arms reach. I will be blogging about our adventures here, so be sure to follow along! You will see a few retro posts from things I previously posted on a Facebook page I merged to my new business/author page.

Our adventure posts will be titled Travelling Voyage and I am excited to take you along with us! I will also be sharing my experiences of raising a child with special needs, inspirational excerpts, poetry,  along with spiritual insights I feel led to share titled Learning As I GrOw. Updates on books or events will also be posted here. Life is not something you can tie up into a neat little bow. We are all on a journey that we have the choice to embrace. May your journey be inspired!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming soon...

...a brand new home for author, April Kinney Corbett.  You'll find her current and upcoming book projects, daily inspirations and more!  So, check back often to see her new author home!