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"The Adventures of Chopper and T"
This story captures the special bond of true friendship, while each adventure teaches children and parents alike how to cope with the emotions that stem from special needs children.

The Adventures of Chopper & T is sure to be a favorite as it helps bring awareness while having fun along the way. After all, we're all learning as we grow. Join Tiana and Chopper on their special journey today! [Illustrations and Cover by the lovely Alexandra H. MacVean]

NOW AVAILABLE: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 321 Bookstore and Haslams Bookstore.

**April has also donated copies to the Oldsmar Public Library, St Petersburg Public Library, and the Nina, Harris and Paul B Stephens Exceptional Education school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It's My Life & I'll Smile If I  Want To:
This book is a collection of personal poetry; a journey towards inspiration. Touching upon real life issues such as relationships, divorce, addiction, death, finding true love to spiritual growth and having a child with special needs. Dedicated to my daughter, my angel in disguise, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic brain disorder Pachygyria. The determination she carries with her has made me realize that if she can overcome, so can we all.  Thank you Tiana Hope for showing me how strong I am and my husband,Paul, for being my #1 fan!

AVAILABLE:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble