Saturday, September 22, 2018

No Regrets

While I was out at a restaurant having lunch with my daughter, there was a table of eight women nearby. I overhead one of the ladies letting the others know she had a rare cancer and would be having a surgery that would keep her down for about four months. They were concerned and supportive. As she discussed it, she made it known that there were regrets.. not traveling, and even more so she regretted not appreciating the little things. How she used to be able to garden and go out without fear of getting I'll. Her future was uncertain to say the least, and it is when our lives take a turn for something dauntingly unexpected that we begin to appreciate our health, families, friends, etc. Our focus is sadly geared towards things that are fleeting, when it's the simplest enjoyments and those who have stayed with us along our journey that truly matter. It made me smile knowing how much love she had around her. We should be that love to those around us, because it's going to come back around. In the end I think that if our focus has been placed on our dreams and passions; those gifts that God gave us can be poured out. If we hold onto them it will only result in an outpouring of regret. Don't hold on so tightly. Share what you have. Do those things you've always wanted to do. Go and visit those places you've never been. Leave that toxic relationship with whomever it may be. Gather with family and friends. Forgive. Show love. Be grateful. The ultimate goal:  NO REGRETS. - 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Not A Stumble 

Years of experience and longevity of life are in the forefront of her mind. This incredulously brave woman spoke only to me. A story woven so intricately should be shared with millions, instead kept locked up tight, until I stumbled upon her.  I was trudging along the pitted road of my burdened soul when our eyes met - instantly she knew I was parched. How could this elderly woman quench this foreboding 'thirst'? Somehow the knowledge was there. The journey for each of us had been quite opposite, but on the contrary eerily the same. The water always found me, or I it. Sitting along the shoreline the waves seemed mesmerized by her strength.  As she placed her left hand over her left eye,  then her right hand over her mouth all I could do was stare. Then the weeping began as her story was told. When she was through a smile appeared upon my face; I was the key all along. And even though she had vanished right before my own two eyes my thirst had been quenched. Conversation, advice, and possibility transcended into a bond that would never be broken. An angel, sent to show me my gift..  a gift I had all along.  No, she hadn't spoken words with her mouth as it was covered. Only one eye visible so as to focus intently on my doubting heart.  Our minds had been  entwined, my soul was renewed,  and I knew exactly what had been said while not a hint of speech had been uttered. Encounters like these are not a stumble.
Written by #aprilkcorbett @akcorbettauthor 
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