Friday, February 9, 2018

A LOVE So True

With Valentine's day soon approaching I felt it on my heart to share a story with you. An experience I encountered: a story about true love. As I was enjoying a stroll downtown I heard shouting in the distance. Shouting from people standing on a street corner. Their words could be better heard the closer I got, and immediately it bothered my spirit. My soul was saddened. Not saddened necessarily by what they were saying, but the way in which they believed it had to be said. Words were being yelled on how you could be saved, and what you should do to save your soul. You could see everyones avoidance. Being a Christian myself did not change my view that this is NOT how Jesus wants us to go about telling others about Him. Of course we are called to witness; shouting is ludicrous, only scares people away, and  nobody can save another persons soul- ultimately, only God can do that. Why would anyone want to learn about a God that yells and shouts?! Well He doesn't, and neither should we. God speaks to us in love and with compassion. God is love. When Jesus came to earth in human form He got to know people, He shared stories and teachings, He broke bread, and taught with love. As Christians it is in our actions, it is how we live, it is how we treat others that shows true witness. My response as we walked by was simply this ' they will know we are Christians by our LOVE', not by shouting. There was a scripted response given to me, of which I ignored, flashed a loving smile, and kept on walking. Those folks should ask themselves, just as we all should, what would Jesus do? Show LOVE. He is waiting. Waiting for you to simply ask Him into your heart. God cannot move in your life until you do. Reach out your hand- His is there. His love is true ♡

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bumps and All

Before we arrived at the pumpkin patch I told my daughter she could pick out any pumpkin she wanted. Usually she picks the bumpy ones, and I say 'are you sure that's the one you want? Look at all those ugly bumps.' This time I stood back and let her go. To my surprise she picked a smooth one;  yet it still was not void of imperfections. How would we feel if God only chose certain people for His kingdom? Guess what? Perfection does not exist. He chose us all, with all our bumps and imperfections. God's love is unconditional. I'm pretty sure we are anything but ugly in His eyes. We were beautifully created in His image - perfectly imperfect. No matter what we've been through His desire is for us to realize His grace and love is never ending. Once we accept this we can, in turn, share that love with others; bumps and all.    
'In the pumpkin patch of life always be true to your UNIQUE self'~ april XO