Sunday, June 28, 2015

Travelling Voyage- Moving Forward

As we move forward on this journey the surveyor found a few items in need of repair. We were also aware this boat is in need of some TLC but overall was a keeper.  The counter offer was made, came back and finally we were all in agreement. We are extremely satisfied with the final outcome. The wheels are in motion as the sellers prep and complete their end of the deal and we shuffle more paperwork for documentation, marina location, scheduling time off and purchasing necessary items required for the sail home. All I can say at this point is, wow! We are excited, and stressed. Nothing about the process has been easy. Sometimes things don't work out exactly the way you had planned; they work out better.  Prayers have been answered and we are moving forward with our plans. The closing date is still unknown, but near. What I do know is that the day we sail her home everything we've been through will have been well worth it!  (photo by AKC)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Learning As I GrOw- A Father's Love

As a little girl I was definitely a daddy's girl. He couldn't stand to hear me cry as a baby so he'd rock me to sleep more often than not. He was there for me in the middle of the night when I had nightmares and the one who would actually get in the kiddie pool with me. To a child these things are of high importance. We'd plant flowers, go blueberry picking, build snowmen, go sledding, and so much more. As I grew, I saw the hard working, God fearing family man that he was; and still is. The most important thing he ever taught me was that Jesus loves me, He lives in my heart and to always trust in Him. As I became a teen it wasn't so cool to hug your dad, get & give kisses or hang out together. After my parents divorce we moved out of state which placed a strain on our relationship, not because of anything anyone did, it's something that just happens. A few weeks in the Summer became our new normal. As a woman I now can appreciate the ups & downs of life. You see things so differently as a child. The love I have for my dad remains true, even when we don't see eye to eye. Not once has he missed a birthday or Christmas and although it is difficult for him to express in person, the cards he sends really do say it all. My dad will always be my hero. You see, his love for our heavenly Father was the greatest lesson I ever learned from him. We continue to make memories, reminiscent of the old. I am grateful to still have him in my life. Whether you had a father figure in your life or not, regardless of the type of relationship it was or is please know that God is there, taking their place, loving and leading. Thank you dad for introducing me to your Father above, who in turn is mine and who can be yours.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Travelling Voyage- the offer was...

ACCEPTED! Even though there was a counteroffer the sellers response offered us a huge sigh of relief.  Next,  we scheduled the survey and once we verify the results of the boat are legit it should be smooth sailing from there. Ah, I must keep a sense of humor through out this process. Our journey has only begun. Most of the people we've dealt with have been nothing but helpful and kind. I won't mention right now who the difficult ones have been but I will say its disappointing to say the least. They have one chance to redeem themselves and then I will share their name & the company they're employed with. But enough about their rudeness, I refuse to allow one individual with a personality flaw to steal my joy. Let's just say as a writer they could be added into my next novel only to find themselves removed rather quickly. ha! Next week the survey will be complete and paperwork will be shuffled around. Before you know it we'll be sitting on our boat, in our new home making a toast as she sails us into the sunset. It is finally happening! Hubby still won't celebrate until all is finalized. Here I sit, sipping my vino doing the happy dance inside my head as all those feelings are voicing their opinions, concerns and excitement - sort of like the new movie Inside Out. I remind myself this is not a movie, this is reality; our reality. We didn't only follow our dreams, we chased them, and little by little those dreams are being captured. One of these days when I'm writing my next book, the next New York Times best seller, I will reach out and yell GOTCHA! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Travelling Voyage- Great Expectations' of our own

Pulling up to the no name marina after a five hour drive we weren't sure what to expect. The plan was to meet a guy who helps the out of state broker show their listings in the Keys. He met us at the gate and from phone conversations he fit the description in my mind- no fuss, laid back, and friendly. He directed me to the restroom on site and as I walked towards them I was a bit surprised to see a small horse slowly approach from the corners bend. When I came out he was situated directly in front of the exit. I slid out the door,  said a quick hello and joined the guys on the dock. Our chariot in waiting was a small boat with only a ledge to sit on. Hoping it wouldn't rain again, the sun peeked out at us and we were off. Zooming across the waters with the salty spray of the sea and wind my hair I was taking the moment in with pure enjoyment. Once we reached the bridge we could see what quite possibly could become our future home, the catamaran in question.  He tied up along side and we climbed aboard. A wave of emotions splashed over me, and as I later learned my husband as well;  disappointment and excitement. It was definitely in need of some long overdue TLC. Realizing as we looked her over this would not be a problem, as long as they were willing to accept a lower bid. Before we were done raindrops beckoned us to leave. It didn't matter. At that moment it just meant we were closer to making our dream a reality. As the rain picked up it was time to head back and so we sped across the waters with the rain pelting at us. I was grateful the boat guy had loaned me his jacket. Thoughts of the future danced across my mind. The boat life seems right, and wasn't the rain a sign of good luck? Although I don't believe in luck I do believe in blessings. What's meant to be will be; and there was a peace that came over me as we watched the lightning in the distance. Soon we were back on land, off to the hotel to clean up for dinner and have the discussion on whether or not to make an offer. They say sleep on it, pray about it, weigh the pros & cons... check, check & check. Today we put in an offer! Now we wait. Well, that's nothing new. Good things come to those who wait, right?
photo credit April K Corbett

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Travelling Voyage: A Glimpse

Back to the Keys we will go! Why you ask? Well, it just so happens we will be looking at another boat! Yes! I believe it is 'the' one. There's a feeling of tranquility as I look out on the horizon catching a glimpse of what is to come. The anticipation has taken my fingernails and all I seem to do is daydream. Every emotion we've gone through has been worth it- otherwise it would not be called an adventure. To us it will be epic, glorious if you will, the day we board our vessel to sail it home. As we inch closer I am still wittling down our belongings and am in awe at how little we have left. Let me just tell you how freeing this feels! Hubby is teaching me the ropes of sailing - verbage, equipment,  techniques etc. Hopefully I'll make a fabulous 1st mate, and I have the utmost confidence in hubs that he will be the best captain the seas have ever met.                      photo credit: April K Corbett taken from Fish Tales in St Petersburg FL