Sunday, December 18, 2016

Learning As I GrOw: faith, special needs & the children's section of life

Learning As I GrOw: 
My daughter T and I enjoy going to the bookstore together.  We went last week; finding ourselves once again in tbe children's section. Dr Suess is one of her favorites so we sat down to read a few. There's usually at least one  child and/or adult who look at us in strange awe, with a curiosity as to why a seemingly adult girl (18) was so excited about this occurrence, let alone sitting in the kids isle. This reminds me of how as Christians we are sometimes looked at oddly; for our belief, for our choices, for our excitement in a faith that seems intangible. I'm not going to lie and say it's not frustraTing at times, it is; but it offers me an opportunity to raise  awareness about her medical condition. Likewise, as Christians  witnessing to others about our faith and just how tangible it truly is. If you find yourself searching, wander over to the 'children's section' of life, let your guard down and simply be. There you can experience the wonderment of joy that God has to offer. In letting go of what others think, in enjoying the little things and in searching your soul;  what once seemed unobtainable will quickly just be. 'With God all things are possible~ april XO #aprilcorbettauthor #LearningAsIGrOw #TianaHope #passageofhopefortiana #specialneeds #awareness #spiritual #GodisTangible #devotion #reflection #ourstory