Thursday, November 5, 2015


Excited to share the title of my upcoming photography book with you!  'APRICITY' © (the warmth of sun in Winter) Apricity is a princess of a word, literally meaning Aprilness and implying a yearning for April. The warmth of the winter sun reminds us of the early days of spring. More details coming soon!
On a side note:
All of my photographs are available for purchase upon request. Please message me on FB @akcorbettauthor.

So sorry I haven't been blogging much lately as I'm working on upcoming book projects, so please be patient with me. I've been writing a novel titled Whispers of Transparency©. The story I am creating will be about life, intuitions, love, determination, mystery & hope. A memoir if you will.  

I am also currently working with my illustrator on another children's book titled 'BIG Sis lil sis Better Together'©; while 'The Adventures of Chopper & T and ME'© is also in line for illustration and editing.

I am getting ideas and slowly putting together another book for the kiddos titled 'April Mae Create'©. This book of short stories and poems will be told by a whimsical little girl named April Mae who must create, create, create!

All updates on these books can be found here on my website.

It's My Life &  I'll Smile If I Want To: a journey towards inspiration
The Adventures of Chopper & T
are both available now online at Amazon,  &  Barnes and Noble. 
Be sure to get a copy for yourself,  a family member or friend! ♡