Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gypsy Voyage

... and the journey continues:

Our direction is clear, the packing continues and this house will no longer be our home. Our adventure begins as we move next week to a temporary dwelling, in the interim of finding our next home- on the water! As the time winds down I feel a refreshing tone capturing the next chapter of our life.


Our story for the moment is all about looking and saving, saving and looking. A catamaran is on the horizon. For now we go about our daily routine while living in a furnished, month  to month rental. Some days we feel as if we're on vacation with its quaint appeal and lovely local fare. There is no rush, only our childlike impatience brewing along with dreams of adventure. So, we continue dreaming until one day our ship comes in.

APRIL 2015

At this point we can hardly contain ourselves. Daily anxiety of the unknown compounded with excitement is making me a bit insane. Going through a few more boxes, finding that we could probably fit all we have left in both vehicles and drive away into the night. ha! Loving this gypsy voyage with all of its extemporaneous quirks.

Wander the world; it's your journey~
Travelling Voyage

Monday, April 27, 2015

Travelling Voyage: Adventure Awaits

Let me  catch you up on what's happening:

Flash back to April 2014

The journey begins!
It's all too real now as we sell off our personal belongings and continue the search for the perfect catamaran- to live on! Excitement and fear have become a commonplace battle in my mind. My heart knows the time has come, as it desires freedom, simplicity and adventure. Passion for writing drives me towards this goal; for hubby it has been a lifelong dream. Maybe the hardships I endured earlier in life cause me to cherish the little things, and for that I am grateful. We are embarking on a brave but crazy voyage.

Early May 2014

While searching for our future home, a sailboat, we continue to go through our stuff- lots of stuff! You just don't realize how useless it all really is, until you change your mindset. I never was a nick nack person and I despise clutter but it seemed unimaginable to me to have to let go of most of our things. Then the idea struck me as perfect. My mindset changed and the adventure of living on a boat seemed much more exciting than holding onto stuff. So these days we're organizing, packing, and downsizing. The simple life is calling!

May 2014

My house looks empty. I like it. Glancing around I realize there's not much I miss. If there's anything I should feel at this moment it's calm- instead anxiety lurks nearby. So close, yet so far away. Our goal is within our grasp and we're reaching towards this dream. I am learning as I reach, in turn I must also let go. Letting go of not only material possessions but letting go of fears that can only hold me back from the person I'm meant to be. Amidst the excitement, the chaos, the unknown; that feeling of calm is just around the corner- so we press on.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Journey Begins

Welcome sweet friends! So, I have finally stopped procrastinating and am feeling less overwhelmed. A quick overview and introduction is necessary. I am a wife, special needs momma and a writer. I work full time, my family comes first, and my writing somehow finds its way in-between. My husband and I have been gearing up for simplicity and adventure- the boat life. When I say the boat life I mean actually living on a sailboat. This has been a long time coming and we are within arms reach. I will be blogging about our adventures here, so be sure to follow along! You will see a few retro posts from things I previously posted on a Facebook page I merged to my new business/author page.

Our adventure posts will be titled Travelling Voyage and I am excited to take you along with us! I will also be sharing my experiences of raising a child with special needs, inspirational excerpts, poetry,  along with spiritual insights I feel led to share titled Learning As I GrOw. Updates on books or events will also be posted here. Life is not something you can tie up into a neat little bow. We are all on a journey that we have the choice to embrace. May your journey be inspired!