Saturday, June 10, 2017

Road Map of My Mind

Do you ever feel like you're not sure where you're going? You get the map out, Google probably, and find your direction. Life doesn't offer a map, or Google. In our minds we plan our futures, while others help add to these intricate ideas. We start out thinking we have it all together because there's a plan of sorts. However, lately, I've realized how inconsistent life's travels can be and have been brought to a turning point-  there doesn't have to be a map.

In fact finding your direction means following your instincts, leaning on your intuition, listening to your heart, accepting mistakes, and learning to love yourself. Meditation, prayer, a beach walk are just a few ways to rid yourself of the negative thoughts that will continue to hold you back from where you're meant to end up. Never allow others to determine how you feel, or to impose their own insecurities onto you.

Not everyone is meant to wander onward with us. Hard truths hurt, but if we allow lies and disrespect from ourselves just think what we allow others to do; past or present. Trust yourself enough to make those tough decisions that will lead you where you are going.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and your art. Your inspiration is tremendous and the things you write are so relatable. Bless you.

    1. Sending much gratitude your way! It warns my heart to receive such positive feedback. Thank you for your support by following,sharing and commenting. XO