Tuesday, November 15, 2016


After a year of living aboard a sailboat I'm still slowly getting rid of stuff.  Now,  I will tell you that I purged and purged and purged before moving onto this 34ft catamaran. Storage is not an issue, IF,  and only if you know how to arrange said stuff. Lately I just want less.

Since we're still working I need my work clothes.  Oh the day will come when we'll practically live in our bathing suits,  but that's a couple years away.  Until then I've utilized the locker (closet) and space above the drawers (because if left inside you'll find clothing will become musty,  damp and even mold). To avoid this we use damp rid and a dehumidifier,  but to no avail I have had to throw away an entire bag of clothes because of this. I use a mesh laundry bag for some storage, since it's breathable. Lately flats are my go to shoe,  even for work. I actually wore a pair of heels to an art show recently,  of which I acquired from the trunk of my car before leaving. 

The galley (kitchen) hasn't been an issue as far as storage. Cooking and counter space can be,  but you adjust. I love my tiny gas stove and am used to the way it heats/cooks. You cannot get distracted or your eggs will burn. Just sayin. My pet peeve is trying to wash dishes in the tiny sink. Instead I usually use a small bin to allow for easier rinsing etc. I've mastered utilizing the small refrigerator (similar to those in a hotel room). On shopping trips you have to keep in mind how much you're buying due to space. I usually can buy food for two main meals,  breakfast items,  drinks,  fruit,  sides and extras like cheese and butter. Condiments are stored in the door.  The freezer is teeny tiny so you'll usually find ice and a bag of frozen veggies,  that's it. 

Our head (bathroom)  is decent size but really only fits one person. It's similar to one you'd see in a camper. There's a tiny sink,  shower,  toilet,  small shelf,  medicine cabinet and a mirror. I had to downsize my array of shampoo,  conditioner,  lotion,  hair and makeup supplies.  Ladies,  we don't need that much to look our best.  It's about quality vs quantity when it comes to this, along with how well you can organize the stuff you want to keep. About the shower..  I must be sure the water tank is full and to turn on the water heater beforehand, otherwise I end up with soapy hair and a cold shower, running outside to the dock to turn on the water in my towel. Been there.  Ha! 

We have another shelf for books and such.  A basket holds towels and ectra sheets and the laundry basket is on the starboard side in ny daughter's space,  which we move out when she visits.  The port side space holds hubby's clothes,  shoes,  canned goods, trash bags and more. There are many little compartments inside and outside this boat,  but we must utilize them wisely.
Now when you're feeling like you need more space for yourself,  I love sitting or laying out on the bow. Going for a walk in the park,  hitting up the downtown scene,  or simply sailing off to an island are all options. I'm partial to the sunrises, and there's no shortage of photo opportunities, let alone writing spots. 

So,  could you do it?  Could you sell practically everything you own?  Live on a sailboat with your significant other?  &  a dog. ... 
Oh yes,  let's not forget Rocky the pirate dog, protecting our 'ship'.  My sweet boy. But always busy, busy,  busy.. nosy,  nosy, nosy, and the shedding is ridiculous. I sweep and wipe and vacuum all the time..  there's still hair to be found.  

I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Paws of Remembrance

 11/3/13 RIP Chopper 

Strangely just a few days ago, before even remembering the significance of the date, on 11/2/16 I had a vivid dream. It was about an evil witch and a dark dusty road. Chopper was there guiding me safely to where I needed to be, as the witch kept trying to force me onto another path into darkness. Once I was safe I turned around and he was gone. It felt so real. I know, kind of Wizard of Oz like. Weird.
Last night was another active, vivid dream night. I was getting along with someone from my past. We were on a wooden river raft for a bit with new friends and I had photos I was saving but some were lost in a construction site along the river bank. As we stopped along the bank we visited other people from my past. A beetle looking bug appeared and I squished it. After that this person's real persona was exposed, so we went our separate ways. Eerily another bug was seen, but it scurried quickly away to hide before it too met its demise.

I've always had dreams that have a meaning, a message, or a warning.. either for myself or someone else. I've encountered angels and spirits, both while asleep and awake. I've also experienced seeing my body lying there as a force trys to pull me away. I should share more of my dreams in writings,  as I feel at times it can offer answers we may need. I do believe I have a God given gift. As a child fear overtook what now as an adult I am trying to understand.

My novel Apricity will tell of these things. It will tell my story, my daughter's story. Intuition. Life. Love.  Sadness. Empaths. Dysfunction. Truths. Dreams. Happiness. Knowledge.