Monday, March 27, 2017

Breakfast at Nana's

*Excerpt from my children's poetry collection 

Sleepy eyes and the swish of slippers
Tea cups clattering as coffee brews
Bacon sizzling while eggs are flipping
Place settings have been placed
A dish here a plate there
this fork that spoon
Oh wait here's yet a teeny tinier spoon
you can use them all
yes you can
oh such fun
A tea cup for me and a saucer for you
Here's a bit of sugar 
Cereal on the side
Grapefruit or berries
So many choices
decisions decisions
It surely doesn't matter
Nana flutters around like a butterfly
Grampy flashes a cheerful smile
His voice carrying a memorable tune
Morning chats and breakfast at nanas                   will always be a delight to me