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Monday, March 27, 2017

Excerpt from my children's poetry collection

Breakfast at Nanas"

Sleepy eyes and the swish of slippers
Tea cups clattering as coffee brews
Bacon sizzling while eggs are flipping
Place settings have been placed

A dish here a plate there
this fork that spoon
Oh wait here's yet a teeny tinier spoon

you can use them all

yes you can

oh such fun

A tea cup for me and a saucer for you

Here's a bit of sugar 

Cereal on the side

Grapefruit or berries

So many choices
decisions decisions
It surely doesn't matter

Nana flutters around like a butterfly
Grampy flashes a cheerful smile
His voice carrying a memorable tune
Morning chats and breakfast at nanas                   will always be a delight to me

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