Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Year

2016 was a year of opportunity, growth and independence for me. Early in the year my dream of having a book signing and story time event at Barnes and Noble Bookstore came true, both books were accepted in multiple venues, I've been offered creative opportunities within the community, and a friend helped a vision I had of creating Chopper & T dolls happen. I've reconnected with old friends, and met new. I was able to go to Maine to visit family, and was then gifted with a flight to NYC; where I took in the sights and saw my first Broadway show... this was a bucket list adventure. Tiana  turned 21 and continues to thrive where she lives. Her grant for a special riding helmet was approved and she began equine therapy riding again. Living aboard Summer Reign for over a year now, has been and continues to be a combination of enjoyment, frustration, and teachable moments. Paul can't believe his dream is still in full effect, and Rocky has proven to be an excellent boat dog- only falling in twice. Feeling gratefulness for  2016 and positivity for 2017! The new year will be filled with prosperity, blessings and love. 

Believe it!

Happy New Year! Don't worry about resolutions; instead love yourself more.  In turn you'll be able to love others more and build a mindset of gratefulness for every tiny blessing that will grow into blessings you may never even  expected!