Monday, July 11, 2016

Renaming Ceremony ⛵

On July 1st 2016,  a year shy of purchase,  we completed our renaming ceremony for SUMMER REIGN.  There's a sailors legend and so we wanted to ensure we followed through.  Captn Paul led us in a successful Ceremony and I his 1st mate assisted while our friends and family members cheered us on.  The old name was removed from the Ledger of the deep and Poseidon's memory.  We read the verses,  offered champagne to Poseidon, tossed the coin with the old name on it into the sea and unveiled the new name.  Such a beautiful feeling to finally have the name we agreed upon on the boat. Now we're not superstitious, however  we don't want bad luck,  and it was fun to do.  My brother,  who's a pastor,  will be by soon to say a prayer of blessing over Summer Reign.  We wouldn't be where we are without God's grace and we're grateful that our dreams are coming true.  God is good! ♡