Saturday, September 5, 2015

A glimpse into our story

The Boat Life

As I sit at my 'kitchen' table this morning on my boat, aka home sweet home, it is truly a surreal feeling. We moved onto the boat at the end of July & are finally settled in. Rain welcomed us, continuing for some time, even weeks later. Soon the sun showed up to say hello & finding our groove wasn't too difficult. It was comforting to meet so many others who live aboard as well. I have to say, organization is a must with minimal space and trust me, I have utilized most of it. All the necessities &most of the comforts of home can be found aboard Summer Reign. Since we both are still working the morning routine can be a bit difficult due to space. You learn to make adjustments & it somehow works. Things that are different include being hooked up to shore power, filling a tank for water usage, using a gas stove, downsizing to a  coffee press, a small fridge & a tiny sink, no closet space, having a composting toilet, the bathroom being your shower area & lets not forget remembering to duck your head in certain places. I'm learning to be a morning person and the sunrise view from my window is enticing. When I step off my 'porch', walk down a dock with rows of sailboats on either side  I am usually thinking, how cool is this?  The sunsets that glow, then find themselves lost in the city skyline are simply amazing. At night we sit outside on the bow to take in the evening's intriguing presence. The water ripples as the moon smiles down and I know this is where we were meant to be. Home sweet home.                                                             Be sure to follow for more stories about the boat life with Captn Paul, First Mate April, sweet T the swab/2nd mate & Rocky the pirate dog! Our future plan is to reture early, not have a home base marina & just sail away, visit new places, and stay where we want for however long we want. I'll be sure to share our adventures with you!                                                photos by April K Corbett