Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Reign

We'll be there soon Summer Reign! It's a miracle hubby & I haven't strangled one another through out this boat purchasing process. I believe God has been testing and teaching us patience. I've learned I'm not as patient as I thought. Monday we close! 7/13/15 will be our closing date and you know what? It's perfect! To some the #13 is unlucky but quite the opposite for me. Lucky 13! A favorite of mine. Luck and superstitions are not my thing, so even though we had to wait a few extra days there's a reason for that. First we expected it to be last week, then the 10th and sadly we were told the 14th.. the 13th won. With the sellers in Canada, the broker in Maryland and the boat in Florida it hasn't been smooth sailing as of yet. A name change is imminent. Don't you just love Summer Reign?

This weekend we pack up so Monday we can head out to meet her, make her ours and sail her home! Our journey continues on into a new adventure as we experience a different lifestyle altogether. Living on a sailboat is new to us and I'm sure there will be some adjustments to be made; especially with a teenager visiting and a puppy dog on board. Even so, the positives outweighs any of the worries we might have. After all Cesar Milan is only an email away and I'm not afraid to use him. Ha! Moments are to be cherished so that's what we intend to do. Simply breathe in breathe out while letting go, in turn cherishing every moment. As a child I do recall being fearful of the water,(not sure why) ironically only pools, of which I did get over; but the ocean was a different story. The beach always beckoned as the sound of the waves put me at ease. I cannot wait to morph into the mermaid I was born to be, telling stories of Summer Reign along the way.  April k Corbett photo by AKC