Friday, May 20, 2016

Marina Life

Marina life is not for everyone. Many of my friends and family have said they couldn't do it. Couldn't get rid of all their stuff,  couldn't live in a small space,  couldn't have a tiny bathroom, couldn't...  but we can. The difference in why we can is simply our mindset. I used to say those same words. Now I wouldn't want it any other way. Sure, it has its ups and downs. A smaller space, the a/c going out,  using the marina laundry facilities,  finding new leaks when it rains, having less stuff- alot less. All of these things are actually a refreshing change.  I am entranced by the sunrises, and enjoy those evening rays dissipating as the moon shines its light over the water as the dolphin and manatee play hide and seek, the fish jump, and the pelicans swoon. Not to mention Rocky loves chasing tbe ducks. Celebrating nature, simplifying our lifestyle and appreciating life has offered us growth and a peace we would not likely have found. We've been able to go sailing, finding our groove so we can take family and friends out. To some our sail from Key Largo to St Pete is a drop in the bucket,  and I am certain that one day it will be for us as well as we now dream of cruising. Our dreams became goals which is now our reality. In four to five years the goal is to quit our jobs, cruise,  stay where we want for as long as we want. I cannot wait to share those adventures with you!  For now I will be continuing to share our story of living on a sailboat -  the boat life.  As we work,  play,  dream,  and sail be sure to follow along!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mommy Moments

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  Each and every one of us had a different experience with our children, and our mommas. My mom raised me to always believe in myself,  to never give up and to place my trust in the Lord. I am forever grateful for her love,  guidance and support throughout the years. I've watched her overcome battles that I'm not sure even she thought she would get through. I'm a proud daughter, and also a proud mommy to Tiana Hope who is now 21! Life has been full of ups and downs,  but the knowledge and love my mom passed on helped me overcome battles that I never thought I'd overcome. I got to spend time with my mom before Mother's Day,  then spent time with my daughter on Mother's Day. Now wouldn't it be nice if life waa always picture perfect,  like we see all over social media?  Well, it's not. Yes, our time was precious, but unfortunately T had behaviors with aggression towards me that ended up in a meltdown. Crying and screaming in front of the marina was the scene many witnessed. A nice couple stopped to ask if she was ok,  another young lady passed by asking questions. We had to ride out the storm until she was finally able to contain herself. Was it upsetting?  Of course. I needed some down time afterwards, of which I pondered on how far we've come on our special needs journey. Love enables you to find the strength you so desperately need no matter what you're faced with. I may get discouraged but my cup is always half full. Cheers to all the mommas out there!